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  • Kettenwulf Escalator Chain for Otis Escalator GAA26150E GAA26150AH Shipping by Sea

    Date:2019/6/17  PI NO.:ESD19072-2-ESD19077-2-ESD19085-ESD19123-1   PO:112256 112251 112406 113045   Tracking NO.:N236080605 

  • Otis 506NCE Step Chain Schindler SWE Step Chain Kone 16HDV-C Step Chain and Kone TM140 Traction Machine Shipping Information

    Date:2019/6/17  PI NO.:ESD19072-2-ESD19077-2-ESD19085-ESD19123-1   PO:112256 112251 112406 113045   Tracking NO.:N236080605 

  • Schindler SWE Escalator Step Demarcations SCS319903 were Sent by TNT Express

    Date:2019/6/8  PI NO.:ESD19125   PO:113063   Tracking NO.:141258563 

  • Otis 506NCE Step Chain GAA26150E GAA26150AH Shipping

    Date:2019/6/3  PI NO.:ESD19101   PO:112653   Tracking NO.:COSU6214223320 

  • Otis Gear Box Sprocket GAA20401B614 Delivery

    Date:2019/6/3  PI NO.:ESD19090   PO:112461   Tracking NO.:137411330 

  • GOA265A GAA265AW1 Otis Handrail Drive Wheel Shipping Information

    Date:2019/6/3  PI NO.:ESD19097-2   PO:112589   Tracking NO.:COSU6214223320 

  • Otis 510NPE Escalator Handrail Sprocket GO195JH1 and Kone MAP Step KM5270802G20 Delivery

    Date:2019/5/29  PI NO.:ESD19094-2 ESD19106   PO:112576 112706   Tracking NO.:135193811 

  • Kone Escalator Motor Kone MAP Step Schindler Step Chain Otis 506NCE Step Chain Kone Chain Roller Otis Step Delivery

    Date:2019/6/3  PI NO.:ESD19077-1 ESD19097 ESD19101 ESD19105 ESD19110-2 ESD19120   PO:112251 112589 112653 112707 112473 112580   Tracking NO.:COSU6214223320 

  • Deliver SCH394074 Schindler Escalator Handrail Friction Wheel Ring Flange to UK

    Date:2019/5/15  PI NO.:ESD19102   PO:112654   Tracking NO.:127602753 

  • Schindler 9300 Escalator Roller Chain 50630112 SCH409585 Delivery

    Date:2019/5/15  PI NO.:ESD19102   PO:112654   Tracking NO.:127602753 

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    Manufacturer of guide rail and escalator parts

    Promotional Products

    Such as elevator door, traction machine, cabin, controller ,inverter, wire rope, traveling cable,elevator button, elevator guide shoe, speed governor, rope fastening, escalator step,rubber handrail, step chains, escalator rollers, comb plate, demarcations,drive belt,safety brush etc.


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    Jiefeng is the expert when it comes to escalator parts.With access to thousands of asbuilt records,we can help you confirm the major components you may need. We sell high quality parts made to OEM specs,including step chain, step, rollers,comb plate,guide chains,rubber handrails,inlets,v-belts,drive chain,pallets,skirt brush,demarcations,door accessories and much,much more!
    Whether you're doing simple maintenance,a completed clean-down,or an overhaul,contact Jiefeng today!
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  • Escalator Parts

    Escalator Circuit board
    Escalator Brake Magnet
    Escalator Step
    Travelator Pallet
    Escalator Comb Plate
    Escalator Step Demarcation
    Escalator Rubber Handrail
    Escalator Step Chain
  • Elevator Parts

    Elevator PCB
    Elevator Inverter
    Elevator Guide Shoe
    Elevator Service Tool
    Elevator Button
    Elevator Encoder
    Elevator Door Roller
    Elevator Door Skate
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