• Cnim 1000mm escalator step chain TH135A-00 CNSC0001L100
    Jiefeng Code :    CNSC0001L100
    User :    Cn**
    Reference :    TH135A-00
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  • Product Description

  • We have all kinds of escalator step chain, and the details shopping guide as follows;

    1, We have to check the brand of the escalator, like JFJFOTIS, JFJFKONE, JFSCHINDLER, ect;

    2, Then we must check the type fo the escalator, like JFJFOTIS 506, 506NCE, ect;

    3, Then we can check all the data sheet of the escalator step chain, like pithc distance, diamter of roller, diameter of pin, etc;


    And the data sheet as follows:

    The step chain consists of a pair of chain strands, having a plurality of rollers, and a plurality of connecting axles for connecting the two chain strands. Each strand is formed from a plurality of chain links. Each link has a pair of side plates, an axle, and a roller. The axle is received in the center of the roller. A side plate of the link and a side plate of the next link in line, are attached to the axle on both sides of the roller, thereby holding the roller and axle together. This link arrangement is repeated as many times as is necessary to arrive at the length strand, and therefore the length chain, desired.


    So pls contact us if you want to buy escalator step chain!!!

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