GYFB-9B-II Elevator Sterilization Cross Flow Fan

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How can we effectively sterilize the air in an elevator system?

Introducing the JIEFENG Elevator sterilizing fan, a car air sterilization purification system that functions with a double sterilization system and a super air purification ability. It has an approved purification efficiency of PM2.5 for particles is ≥95%, and the sterilization rate is ≥99%


We suggest to transform your elevator’s ordinary fan into a sterilizing fan or equip it with a sterilizing fan.

GYFB-9B-II sterilization cross flow fan is an improvement of FB-9B cross flow fan with same installation size but increased air volume and lower noise.


This machine is suitable for places such as elevator cars, driving control rooms, purification and clean rooms, laboratories, workshops, corridors and aisles as well as air-conditioning equipment for ventilation use.


1.Multi-wing impeller with novel structure;

2.Low noise, large air volume and high wind pressure;

3.Small size, light weight and long life;

4.Easy loading and unloading, safe and reliable.

C.Technical performance:

1 Speed1150±100rpm     2Noise ≤45db(A)

3 Air Flow5±0.5M 3/min  4Sterilization Rate≥99%

5 PM2.5 removal rate≥95%   

6Negative ion concentration :3.5x10 7 ±10% P/cm3

7 Ozone concentration≤0.037 mg/m 3

D.Technical data:

1 Operation Voltage:

AC 220V 110V 220V 50/60Hz

2 Blade Size:


3 Size of air outlet:


4 Output Power:


5 Size:


E.Package : Each carton for one piece.

F.Precautions for using

1.The use environment must not be too humid, and it is required to be waterproof and rainproof. 2.Do not clean or wipe under working condition (in using) to prevent personal injury accidents. 3.It must be used according to the specified working voltage to prevent damage to the fan.

4.If the fan or fan cable is damaged, it must be repaired or replaced by manufacture or professionals.

5.In the fixed wiring for installing the appliance, all the contacts on the poles must be installed at least 3mm power disconnect device.

6.The installation height of the wind blade is higher than 2.3 meters. 7.The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is replaced every 5000 hours.

G.Installation method:fixed installation H.After-sales service:

If the product is damaged or broke down due to quality problem within 12 months from the shipment date, it can be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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