TBA20602A304 Speed Governor, LHS 1.6m/s

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Color :  Blue

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TBA20602A304 Speed Governor, LHS 1.6m/s


Warranty: 12 months

Material: iron, PCB, coil

Type: 100% original new



Elevator speed governor is one of the safety control components in the elevator safety protection system. When the elevator is running for any reason, the car may Overspeed, or even fall, and if all other safety protection devices do not work, the speed limiter and safety gear will be interlocked to stop the elevator car. The elevator speed governor is one of the safety control units of the elevator safety protection system. During running, when the car over-speeds or even risks falling while other protection devices do not work, the elevator speed governor and safety gear or up-going protective device will generate linkage protection to stop the car. Elevator Governor generally is installed inside the elevator machine room or directly installed on the bearing beam, machine room less speed governor will be installed on the guide rail or bottom hole on the ground.

Elevator Speed Governor Price

Our company currently offers various series of elevator speed governor specifications, applicable to different elevator layouts, such as conventional return and non-return machine room speed governors, machine room less speed governors, etc. Customers need to learn its function and parameters in accordance with its specification and type. (For details, please study the corresponding type of test report to ensure its performance matches with the elevator's actual state.

Elevator Speed Governors

JIEFENG’s products: We are supplying all kinds of elevator parts for Maintenance Projects such as Elevator Speed Governors, Escalator PCB, Escalator Brakes, Escalator Steps, Travelator Pallets, Escalator Comb Plates, Escalator Step Demarcations, Escalator Rubber Handrails, Escalator Step Chain, Escalator Newel Chain, Escalator Drive Chain, Escalator Tension Chain,  Escalator Step Chain Roller, Escalator Handrail Roller, Escalator Friction Wheel, Escalator Sprocket,  Escalator Handrail Inlet, Escalator Drive Belt, Escalator Traffic Lights,  Escalator Comb Lighting, Escalator Switch, Escalator Skirt Brush, Escalator Skirt Lighting, Escalator Guide Rail, Escalator Drive Shaft, Escalator Relay, Escalator Contactor, Escalator Transformer,  Escalator Traction Machine, Escalator Inverter, Escalator Tension Carriage, etc.

JIEFENG sell elevator speed governors with good price for customers. Our elevator speed governor can supply CE certificate for customers.


1, We have 10 Years of experience in the elevator and escalator spare parts field including Elevator Speed Governor.

2, We cooperate with lots of engineers from famous elevator companies so we can supply strong technology support for Elevator Speed Governor.

Perfect Quality Control

1, When the Elevator Speed Governor arrives at our warehouse, our engineers will check the condition of the goods before they are put into the warehouse.

2, Our engineers will check every good again before the order such as Elevator Speed Governor is shipped!

3, We always insist on ensuring that our customer's Elevator Speed Governors are original and accurate so that our customers will not have any additional costs for each order.

Good After-Sales Service

1, We supply customer Elevator Speed Governor quality guarantee. We provide a super-value after-sales guarantee, and we provide repair and replacement services for product quality problems.

2, We provide 2 years of warranty service for many products (for example Elevator Speed Governors, Step chains, Rollers, Steps, etc.)

Stock-Fast Delivery

1, We have over 16000kinds elevator and escalator parts in Stock

2, We have stock for most elevator parts, and we can deliver goods 2 days after your payment arrived. The Elevator Speed Governor delivery time is 5~7 days after payment arrived

Competitive Price

1, Huge purchase volume helps us get a very nice price for the Elevator Speed Governor from other factories.

2, We can apply the discount for your details requirements and quantity based on the same quality products.

3, We accept price comparison, if you have a lower price for us, we can apply for a more favorable discount price for you immediately

4, We supply OEM services and give you lower-cost solutions for Elevator Speed Governors.

Choice JIEFENG means the best service.

Pls email us if you have any questions.

We are good at elevator and escalator parts, for now we are the biggest supplier in China, for over 16000kinds of spare parts especial on Elevator Speed Governors.

Pls contact us if you need any needs of spare parts.


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