HMS High-speed Electronic Magnetic Proximity Switch, DC12-30V Lift ≧100 million

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HMS High-speed Electronic Magnetic Proximity Switch, DC12-30V Lift ≧100 million



HMS series high-speed electronic magnetic proximity switches adopt tunnel magneto resistive sensors, which have the characteristics of high sensitivity, high precision, high response speed, low power consumption, etc., and have a wide operating voltage range and excellent temperature stability. They are mainly used in elevators and automation.Location detection and positioning of machinery and other equipment.

2,Technical Features

The switch is a three-wire electronic switch without a separate power supply. It is directly connected in series with the signal input circuit to work. When the working voltage is less than DC30V and the current is less than 60mA, it can directly replace the traditional reed switch proximity switch.

The switch has a constant current circuit inside. When the working current exceeds the design current, the switch will automatically limit the current to a safe current range.

The switch has a circuit design patent, and the specially designed circuit can work in the following working modes (specify when ordering):

(1) The brown line and yellow line are normally open, and the brown line and blue line are normally closed.

(2) Connect the brown wire to the DC24V+ positive pole.

(3) The load current of the yellow wire must be greater than 7mA, and the output of the blue wire must be connected to an Optocoupler.

(4) It must be completely connected in accordance with the above wiring method to work normally.

3,Technical Index

Rated Voltage:DC12-30V

Response frequency:1KHz

Rated current:≦60mA

Positioning accuracy:1mm

Operating temperature:-30℃-60℃

Switch life:≧1 Billion times

Elevator Proximity Switch

5,Use Attention

Since the power supply of this switch is the port stealing method, when the switch is in the off state, there is still a small current (≈24uA) through the switch. When used for the photoelectric isolation input port with the signal current of mA, this current is not It will affect the normal operation of the input port of the control system, but this switch is not suitable for occasions where the power supply voltage is less than DC12V and the signal is directly input to the micro controller and other tiny signals.

This proximity switch can only work in series with the signal input circuit, and cannot directly apply voltage to the switch 2 end, otherwise it will cause damage to the proximity switch.


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