Fishplate for HT60 Guide Rail, 200*65mm T=2.0mm

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TH60 Guide Rail

Since 2007 JIEFENG E&E CO., LTD based on the elevator guide rail factory, for now we developed the professional elevator and escalator parts supplier in China.

Our elevator guide rail factory’s annual production capacity is 80000tons of elevator guide rails, also have ISO9001:2008&CE quality management system certification and TES product certification.

We force on the quality of the elevator guide rails, especially on the high speed and heavy elevator guide rail.

Guide Rail Systems and the Impacts on Elevator Ride Quality

As the cost of elevators continue to improve, they are becoming more of a reality for homeowners. That being said, the quality of some systems is better than others and one of the main things a homeowner feels every day is the “ride quality” or in some cases the poor ride quality. This can often be avoided by choosing a guide rail system that will perform well and avoid costly maintenance over the long term.

What is poor ride Quality?

Poor ride quality is characterized by vibration, sudden unexpected motion, and noise. Two of the most common adversaries of a smooth ride are rail misalignment and unbalanced cars. While the tendency is to point the finger at the elevator contractor, the real culprits are often in Mother Nature’s hands.

What are the culprits of misalignment?

After the construction of a home, the drying of concrete, settling of the building, and the drying of wood products can all greatly affect alignment of guide rails in relation to the building and to each other.

In some cases, these changes can induce a “curve” to the rail. This happens if the rail is fixed to the walls in such a way that the rail is not able to be supported in the lateral (side to side) direction. Many rails system designs the rails can even move relative to each other causing premature wear, noise and, in some extreme cases, “jamming”.

All of these effects produce a poor ride quality that the homeowner can feel during operation and can also lead to increased maintenance and repair costs to remedy the situation.

High Quality, Low Noise and Low Maintenance Operation

If you want high quality, low noise, and low maintenance operation, our guide rail system is simply the best guide rail system on the market for residential and rise commercial applications.

CE&ISO certificate

Elevator Guide Rail CE CertificateElevator Guide Rail Certificate

Elevator GUide Rail FactoryProduction line and data sheet

Elevator Guide Rail Producing


FAQs of elevator guide rail

1, Why choice JIEFENG?

The industry's first fully automated blasting, fuel injection, drying, production lines and organic exhaust gas purification system,The industry's largest 12 NC compound gantry planer,Metalworking automatic production line, semi-automatic metalworking processing production lines, professional GB product line,Automatic straightening straightening twisted T-type elevator guide rail system, more than 160 sets of processing equipment;

ISO&CE certificate, cooperation with lots of famcous elevator companies;

Nice price with nice quality, and we are very good at elevator guide rail of high speed elevator;


2, JIEFENG standard?

Using ISOS7465 standard, we can produce the elevator guide rail for hig speed.

Like 1.6 meter/second elevator;

1.6-4.0 meter/second elevator;

More than 4 meter/second elevator;


3, The defference beteween B type& BE type&BEE type?

B type elevator guide rail using for less than 1.6 meter/second;

BE type elevator guide rail using for 1.6-4.0 meter/second elevator;

BEE type elevator guide rail using for More than 4 meter/second elevator;


4, What are the effects of guide roughness?

The roughness of the guide will affect the loss of sliding and rolling guide boots.It also affects the friction coefficient and the operation of the safety clamp.It is important to keep the roughness consistent so that the guide behaves steadily;


5, What’s the package of JIEFENG?

In normal we recommend using one 20 feet container, and we also can sell bulk cargo;

And the detail photos as follows:

Elevator Fuide Rail Manufacturer



6, How can we get the price of elevator guide rail from JIEFENG?

We will update the price list of elevator guide rail every month, so you can contact our sales manager, they will update price list every month;


7, Shipping&price term?

Both EXW/FOB/CIF/CFR  price term are ok, we have reliable forwarder helping arrange the shipment for you;


8, Installation&Maintaining?

We will send installation&maintaining manual along with the elevator.

Our sugguestion is to hire a professional local company for installation and future maintaining,

once you need any technical assistant from us, just don't hesitate to contact us by mail or phone.

Technician will be sent to the job site if necessary.


9, Where is your factory?

Located in Jiangyin city, about 2 hours by car from shanghai to our place, and you are welcomed to visit our factory;


We will update the price list of elevator guide every month, so pls click price list of elevator guide rail.


Over 25 years experience of elevator and escalator spare parts, the professional supplier in China now.

JF’s productsWe are supplying all kinds of the elevator parts for Maintenance Project such as Escalator PCBEscalator BrakeEscalator StepTravelator PalletEscalator Comb Plate, Escalator Step DemarcationEscalator Rubber HandrailEscalator Step ChainEscalator Newel ChainEscalator Drive Chain, Escalator Tension Chain,  Escalator Step Chain Roller,Escalator Handrail RollerEscalator Friction WheelEscalator Sprocket,  Escalator Handrail InletEscalator Drive BeltEscalator Traffic Lights,  Escalator Comb LightingEscalator SwitchEscalator Skirt BrushEscalator Skirt LightingEscalator Guide RailEscalator Drive ShaftEscalator RelayEscalator ContactorEscalator Transformer,  Escalator Traction MachineEscalator InverterEscalator Tension Carriage etc.


1,We have 25 Years of experience in elevator and escalator spare parts field.

2,We cooperation with lots of enginners from famous elevator companies so we can supply strong technology supports.

Perfect Quality Control

1,When the goods arrive at our warehouse, our engineers will check the condition of the goods before they are put into the warehouse.

2,Our engineers will check every goods again before the order is shipped!

3,We always insist on ensuring that our customers' goods are original and accurate, so that our customers will not have any additional costs for each order.

Good After-Sales Service

1,We supply customer goods quality guarantee. We provide super-value after-sales guarantee, and we provide repair and replacement services for product quality problems.

2,We provide 2 years warranty service for many products (for example: Step Chain, Rollers, Steps etc..)

Stock-Fast Delivery

1,We have over 16000kinds elevator and escalator parts in Stock

2,We have stock for most elevator parts and we can delivery goods in 2 days after your payment arrived

Competitive Price

1,Huge purchase volume help us get the very nice price from other factories.

2,We can apply discount for your details requirements and quantity based on same quality products.

3,We accept price comparison, if you have a lower price to us, we can apply for a more favorable discount price for you immediately

4,We supply OEM service and give you more lower cost solution.

Choice JIEFENG meanings the best service.

Pls email us if you have any questions.

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