DEE2741257 Comb Plate RTV-A, Yellow Coated

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Color :  Yellow

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22 Teeth

DEE2741257 Comb Plate RTV-B (Yellow)


Comb Plate RTV-A (Yellow)



Comb Plate RTV-A (Yellow)


L=202.7mm,22T B



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10 working days after the payment

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1 years

Walkway Comb Plate located at the rung step or pedal gate;

To facilitate the transition from top to bottom passengers;

A part engaged with a step or pedal Comb plate is the elevator safety protection device Micro-switch behind the comb plate If a foreign body can be locked into the elevator to stop running;

One side of the comb plate is supported on the leading edge plate,

And the other side serves as a fixing surface of the comb teeth its horizontal inclination <10 °;

The structure of the comb plate shall be adjustable;

To ensure that the depth of the comb teeth ≥ 6 mm;

It can be made of aluminum alloy profiles;

Thicker carbon steel plate can also be used;

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